Nutrition Coaching Done Right!

Learn the how and the why to your program. Your plans are built to you and your goals. Our coaches are here for you 24/7 to explain and educate, so you have 100% confidence in your program and in us.

Optimize Body Composition

All plans portion out your calories  and macronutrients. These portions will ensure that you decrease body fat and build muscle in order to achieve an optimal body composition for you. We want you to look and feel your best, no matter what your goal is.

Crush Your Health Goals

Through healthy food options, safe caloric & macronutrient values, as well as limiting processed foods, you can rest assured that your overall health will be headed in the right direction.

Our Simple Process
  • Pick Your Duration
    How long are you looking to tackle your goals? Knowing we can lose 5lbs -10lbs per month, pick your duration accordingly.
  • Tell Us About You
    Once you get signed up and into our app, you'll fill out thorough questionnaires so we know exactly how to build a program suitable to you and your needs.
  • Start On Monday
    Grab your phone, head to the grocery store, and open our app! Your meal plans will be laid out perfectly for you to shop with ease OR grab our files and resources to build your own grocery list!

Your Journey Starts Here.

Learn how to grow your relationship with nutrition, lose weight and build muscle, all without cutting out the foods you love. We provide the program and grocery list, you provide your favorite seasonings, sauces and recipes.

  • Lose weight
  • Track your calories
  • Improve your health
  • Know your macronutrient values
  • Add strength and energy to your day

Health Serving Sizes

With your calories and macros in mind, we will portion out your meals and snacks to make sure you are eating enough calories, protein, carbs, and fats to hit your goals!

Portion control, in our opinion, is the single most important feature to any nutrition journey. Controlling the portions of each major food group will keep you on path to tackle your goal at hand.

As we all know, goals change and plateaus happen. Here at Facts Over Fads we change your nutrition plan every 4 weeks to ensure you NEVER hit a plateau and if you change your goal, it will be an easy transition down a new path.

Quality Proteins & Carbohydrates

Quality Protein and Quality Carbohydrates are what really fuel muscles to build, recover, and strengthen. Your plan will be abundant in these two powerful macros which will take your workout results to another level.

A lot of the time we think its all about the protein however, research shows that carbohydrate with protein replenishes muscle glycogen better and faster during and after you exercise. Partner these plans with a good strength routine and the results will speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, muscles cannot grow without the stimulus to do so. So having a muscle building nutrition plan without a muscle building routine won’t accomplish much. Be sure to have a good exercise routine at hand when asking for this type of plan.

Healthy Caloric Deficits

Losing weight is a very simple formula. Eat less calories than you burn each day. We call this "being in a caloric deficit." There are many variables of deficits you can be in but we try and keep our clients 300-500 calories less than their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

TDEE is a combination of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), your Exercise Activity (EA), your Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), and your Thermic Effect of Food (TEF).

You guessed right! This means, if we move more (exercise and non exercise related), and eat better quality, nutrient dense, foods. We can lose any amount of weight we wish.

However, you do not have to have an active lifestyle to lose weight. All though it will definitely help, we can manipulate your meal plan to reflect a less active lifestyle and still keep you losing weight in the safest way possible.

Facts Over Fads Benefits

Why Choose Us?

We do the thinking for you. Wake up knowing exactly what to eat and in what portions. Fall asleep knowing you are eating exactly the way you need to be in order to reach your health and weight goals.

  • Shopping List
    Have your shopping list at the convenience of your fingertips everyday.
  • Delicious Seasonings
    Choose any seasoning from our vast list of amazing low calorie seasonings.
  • Meal Prepping
    Meal prep your plan to set yourself up for success and be able to "grab & go" when life gets hectic.
  • Multiple Cooking Options
    Grill, bake, boil, or steam, you have the freedom to create your meals just the way you like them.
...but don't just take our word for it!

Client Testimonials

I finally got serious with my nutrition about 18 months ago when Joseph called me out and said “Your workouts are great, but how about your nutrition?” From that day on he has been there with knowledge and support, he works with me daily and teaches me new things about nutrition and myself. Joseph has lead me to a place that I have not been to in years and when I think I am done, he knows how to push me to continue to learn and grow. I have lost more than 100lbs since the start and without his knowledge and support, I would not be where I am today. I’m excited for what the future holds.

Sergio, Male, 33

I have been working out with CG for 2 years. My weight fluctuated some but nothing significant. I knew my eating habits were getting in the way. I’ve currently been on Josephs meal plan for 10 months and the results are outstanding! My workouts now have a different meaning, my mindset and thinking process on food selections has improved and I'm at my best health and weight. With Joseph's meal plans it is not just food you consume, he helps guide you to choose healthier options and to live life according to your standard of better health. Joseph is an educator of food and fitness and has always quickly responded to my questions and any doubt I've had along the way. He has been an amazing motivator and now a great friend. Before I began his program I was skeptical and afraid to say yes, now i understand I was only wasting time and delaying the most positive change I could make for myself and my family

Dion, Female, 44

Personal training and dieting with Joseph has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. He has guided me to be the healthiest I have ever been and continues to push me to grow. His knowledge in training both 1 on 1 and through his boot-camp with CG, have not only made me stronger physically, but also mentally. I wholeheartedly believe that I would not be the strong healthy man I am today without Joseph's knowledge, passion, and desire to help clients be as successful as they can be.

Cameron, Male, 29

My experience with Facts over Fads Nutrition has been LIFE CHANGING. for 3 years I continuously fought the battle between working out hard and eating bad. I was tired of not seeing results. in March 2019 my life truly took a turn for the better. Working with Joseph, I am a total of 50lbs down, pant size went from 18 to 12 and shirts went from XL to M. my performance during workouts has improved, longer endurance, heavier weights, quicker movements and transition times. My mental health has improved drastically, confidence has skyrocketed, and I’m loving me for ME.

Liz, Female, 36

CG (WUT WUT) has given me a new future. Instead of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems waiting for me down the road, I now look forward to hiking with my son, traveling with my wife and walking  my daughters down the aisle. when i started CG i had been taking a class at the gym. At the gym i spent $300 to lose 6 pounds in 10 weeks… with CG and nutrition, i spent $60 to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks. I lost twice the weight for 80% less cost. i have gone from 3xl shirt to a xl and 42 waist pants to a size 36. Joseph has been an agent of grace in my life. I actually look forward to working out, and miss it when i can’t make it out to camp. My CG community has become a part of my life and weekly routine.

Jay, Male, 49

Working out has always been a part of my life that I have always enjoyed, but I never realized how much more I could gain from those workouts by eating correctly to chase my goals. Joseph has shown me the right way to manage my meals, fuel for performance, and in turn has proven to me that you can’t outwork a bad diet. After having my 3rd child I made it a goal to get to a healthier place before my 40th birthday. Joseph knows my goals and is in constant support of my journey. Within a shorter time period than I expected, I have a new heightened goal and expectation of myself. I will be in the best shape of my life when forty hits and I have Joseph and his program to thank for it.

Michelle, Female, 39

I have bounced from one fad diet to the other for years. Even after adding regular exercise to my life, I still wasn’t seeing much progress. I took on Joseph’s 8 week challenge, didn’t think much of it and figured it’d be like every other weight loss challenge where you gain everything right back. But this time I actually lost more weight and even better, managed to keep it off after the challenge ended. Joseph combines the experience of a trainer with the heart of a teacher. He really wants to see people reach their goals and getting that personal connection really makes a big difference. The visible results I’ve seen have been great, I have lost about 30 pounds so far, but it’s the improvements in my mental health and my relationship with food that have really made a difference in my life.

Natasha, Female, 39

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